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Spinach green pancakes with slightly salted salmon


1 glass : Milk
1 : Egg
2 glasses : Flour
50 gm. : Oil
150 gm. : Spinach leaves
400 gm. : Salmon
300 gm. : Low-fat processed cheese


Serves portions – 6
Cooking time – 40 min.
  1. Knead the dough for thin pancakes (crepes) from milk, egg, salt, flour, oil; then add  the thoroughly rinsed out spinach leaves, whip the mass up with blender (the dough will be of bright green colour and has the consistence of sour cream). 
  2. Cook the pancake.
  3. Apply processed cheese on pre-cooled pancakes; lay out the slices of salmon.
  4. Roll up the pancake with filling, place in cold.
  5. Before servicing the dish up cut the rolls into slices of 1.5 – 2 cm,  lay them out to the lettuce.